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How Often Should I Upgrade my Website?

The quality of Web Design is just as important as the content. The two should be periodically updated to maintain a presentable website. Denver Web Design focuses on a well rounded presentation that leaves the best possible first impression on visitors to your website.

What’s the purpose of upgrading a website?
It has been researched that users form an opinion within the few seconds of visiting a website. This underlines the importance of keeping up appearances of a website, a point that may make or break a web business. The impression does spill over into the company’s public image despite its reputation offline.

What are the benefits of having this service?
A properly executed website layout upgrade or re-design will appeal to users visually.

  • The upgrade will carry on the spirit of the company’s mission keeping visitors to the website engaged.

  • It will keep the website on queue as soon as internet technologies change.

  • It will ensure faster loading and less downtime for the website.

  • It will keep the website ahead of the competition.

How it works?
A Website upgrade includes tweaking a website to make it compatible with the latest browsers and devices. It should be able to load flawlessly when accessed on different platforms. This will ensure that it reaches all markets including tablet and mobile users. Tweaking should be done on a regular basis.

Keeping up with the latest platforms requires paying attention to the latest and most current developments in the internet world. Upgrades should be done with every new Windows, Mac or Android operating system release. Operating systems are released every 2 years on average and their service packs much more frequently, so the website must keep up. The frequency of upgrades also depends on how scalable (upgradeable) a website is based on its initial design. Upgrading a website with completely new software can be done after 2 or 3 years. This often involves running the older and new website versions concurrently during a transition period.

The next step when upgrading a website is to update it with relevant content. If your web pages contain information that is well researched and up to date, users will keep returning and referring you due to website's reliability. Search engines will then pick up on the growing traffic to the website brought on by new content. Website content upgrades should therefore stay in tandem with the users’ feedback and the current search engine rankings.

What’s the value proposition?
The frequency of website upgrades and updates depends on the company’s core business. Specifically, it depends on how the users interact with the website. Some websites can go on longer than others without updates and will not lose business value. The action points to take for upgrades are revealed by web analytics. This means reports showing recent activity of users.

Is your current service provider meeting your expectations?
The combination of content and design upgrades is scheduled after a reasonable period of time. Does your current provider meet your expectations? Denver web design will upgrade your website above the industry standards.


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