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I love, love, love it! It is so beautiful I cried when I saw it. You are an absolute artist! Thank you.  
Karen P., Transformation Center
I have worked at major agencies on Madison Ave and in San Francisco, been a Creative Director for 20 years, and have worked with many web designers. Your firm is outstanding and I would be happy to give Colorado Creative Designs a glowing recommendation. Phil C., Caragol Communications
You are so responsive to our needs and provide such good insights into how to make the site more navigable and eye-catching. It truly is one of the best fraternity websites in the country. Randy R., Sigma Nu Boulder
I’m old enough to have lived through a time when the moniker of “geek” was an unqualified insult. Today, of course, the word is anything but insulting. Rather it celebrates the most popular among us, those who wield a skill set in hot and insistent demand by the planet.
Thank you, Team Geek, for unraveling this latest website mystery and saving “my baby” from diminished status…and on a weekend, no less!
Lorna L.., MorningStar Senior Living
Bob was one of the more incredible programmers I've worked with in a while. No ego, no attitude, just a solid guy with lots of technical skill who wanted to help solve the problem in any way possible, that is a rare trait in this field. Would love to help out CCD with any future endeavors that require it.
Thanks again and great working with your team! Also, thanks for sending the Kudos, you can never have too much of that :)
Chris B., CarbonLogic, Inc.
You and Bradd are very sweet and are true gentlemen. I appreciate everything you did to get my website, site security and malware up and running. I will definitely recommend you both for your services. Thank You again. May GOD continue to bless you!!!  
Bridget V., First Choice Social Services
I can't tell you how happy I am with how the website is turning out. I think it is fabulous. Atttractive, easy to navigate, professional. Everything I could hope for!  
Brenda P., Denver MyoFascial Release
Wow - I absolutely love it. You are such a great help and so easy to work with... thank you!  
Corie E., Classy Clip
I will ALWAYS refer you to friends and people I meet. I have a lot of respect for you.
Joel C., Infosys Colorado
Thanks for everything you have done on our website. On the Google free search we are showing up the highest we ever have.  
Rich R., Colorado Weather Coatings
You do such beautiful work. My husband says it all the time ... you make us look more professional than any of our competition.  
Carol W., Wencel & Associates
Brenda and I really appreciate your work. You are easy to work with, reliable, dependable, prompt, professional and do a great job. Thank You!!!  
Jill S., Denver MyoFascial Release
The website looks fantastic. I could not be happier!!!!!! Thanks again for all of your work on this!  
Jim M., Family Strategies Publishing
I just want to say THANK YOU to all for the great help you extended! I am truly impressed by the prompt responses in calling up a whole team to help us!  
Huan., General Mills, Inc.
You did a wonderful job creating what I wanted. You listened very well and were very easy to work with. Also you did a great job keeping me on task.  
Johnna A., Crime Victim Compensation (CVC)


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